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A will is something we all know we need, but few of us actually have. At The Mortgage Mum, we help you find a will writing service that isn’t costly or time-consuming. In fact, planning now could save you money on inheritance tax, putting your mind at ease and ensuring your family receives the most from the legacy you leave behind.

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Our team works closely with trusted firms offering will writing services. If you feel the time is right to consider the future, simply click ‘get in touch’, answer a few questions on our contact form and we’ll be in touch to offer advice on writing your will.

Some of the products listed are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and we may refer you to a 3rd party for these services.

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wills & trusts

wills & trusts
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most common faqs

What is the cost of making a will?

Prices for our will services start from £150 depending on the complexity of your will.

Does a qualified solicitor need to write the will?

No, here at The Mortgage Mum we have specialist and dedicated estate planning department who would be happy to offer will advice and assist you in the competition of your will.

What are executors and trustees? Do I need them for wills and trusts?

An executor is the person(s) or company you trust to carry out your wishes in your will. A trustee is a company or person formally appointed to manage the assets of a trust and distribute to your beneficiaries accordingly.

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