Sonya Matharu

Senior Mortgage Broker | Chichester, West Sussex

Sonya has worked in the industry since 2015 and has experience in every aspect of this role. She become a Mortgage Broker in 2018 and joined The Mortgage Mum team in 2020.

Sonya has been in the industry since 2015. She began working as a P.A in a Financial Services firm which was supposed to be a stop gap to give her enough time to find a permanent job. Having a career as a mortgage broker soon became Sonya's goal and she ended up becoming a mortgage administrator. This was important for Sonya and she wanted to learn every aspect of the job before becoming a Broker. Sonya became a fully qualified Broker in 2018 and joined the Mortgage Mum team in 2020.

"Although mortgages may seem like a boring topic on the surface, they are important and when you think about what they help people achieve – they are exciting too. But for many, the industry is overwhelming."

Sonya's aim is to use her expertise to help debunk and demystify the confusion that surrounds the industry.

Sonya is from a large close-knit family whom she adores dearly and spends a lot of her time with. Sonya is one for a positive mindset. She enjoys meditation, pilates, and cooking, particularly learning to cook traditional Indian food from her Mum.

You can contact Sonya on 07769 295011 or

Sonya Matharu
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