Paula Cook

Mortgage Broker | Leeds

Mum of two Paula joined The Mortgage Mum team in 2019, embarking on a career as a Mortgage Broker and a local Estate Agent.

Paula's double role as a mortgage broker and an estate agent, allows her to understand the housing market in depth and means she is able to offer the full package to her clients, from selling their house to getting them the best mortgage available for their circumstances.

Paula worked as an Accountant for many years but decided to change her position as she wanted to help people get on the property ladder. She feels great pride when she helps her clients get the property they really want!

“The minute I met Sarah I knew that I wanted to be a part of this incredible team of likeminded individuals. My goal is to help my clients to get the right mortgage, with the best deals available for their circumstances."

Paula creates a friendly yet professional service for her clients. She is able to help clients in all areas, whether it's a simple mortgage such as a straightforward purchase, or something more complex. Paula is based in Leeds but can give clients advice throughout the UK.

When Paula is not working, she enjoys cycling, and watching football.

Paula can be contacted directly on 07950 187868 or

Paula Cook
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