Heather McLennan

Mortgage Broker | Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Heather continues to work as a tax advisor to small business owners and landlords at the accountancy firm she founded in 2008. Looking for more ways to add value to her clients and their friends and families she decided to put her mortgage qualification to good use and joined The Mortgage Mum. She is also the mum of two sporty teenagers and so like many small business owners is still striving for that work life balance

Heather gets a great sense of satisfaction by helping people and believes every problem has a solution.   ‘Never give up’ is her mantra and she will hold her clients' hand through the whole process so that they always have the support they need and an expert to lean on.

Heather says:

"People work really hard and they want the best for their families.  I understand that, because I’m the same, and helping them makes me feel good.  I know that by getting them the best deal on their mortgage I can help them realise their other dreams like going on more holidays, building a property portfolio or generally feeling more financially secure."

When not working Heather spends most weekends cheering on her kids whilst they play football, rugby and cricket (with varying success).  She also loves to catch up with friends and particularly enjoys her weekends away with the girls.

You can contact Heather McLennan directly on 07967 315009 or heather@themortgagemum.co.uk

Heather McLennan
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