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If you need some backing for your next property development project, we’re here. Whether you’re at the start of the process, or need some further investment to get the job done, our team helps you find the right development finance loan for your circumstances.

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Some of the products listed are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and we may refer you to a 3rd party for these services.

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Your information will be checked over by a specialist in property development finance, who will help find the right lender for you.

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An expert will call at a time to suit you to discuss your precise property development loan requirements. If your case is more complex, we’re happy to arrange a face-to-face meeting at our office to go through the process.

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We explore the entire property development finance market, including high street lenders, private banks and even private investors, to find the right loan for your project.

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most common faqs

Do I need to have comprehensive accounts and projections for a development finance application?

In a perfect world yes. However, we do understand that they are not always readily available in full. Your broker will advise you of the necessary documentation required to avoid you having to provide information over and above what is required both by a property development mortgage lender and us as your mortgage broker.

Will I need to give details as to how the development finance will be deployed?

In order to ensure we satisfy our regulatory commitments around anti money laundering an understanding of your future plans is necessary and will be undertaken during the fact finding stage. However, property entrepreneurs and developers often require ‘war chest’ funds to utilise when an opportunity arises. In such cases it would not be possible or a requirement to provide categorical confirmation around onward purchases.

What factors will affect the interest rate I pay for development finance?

Your mortgage broker will always aim to source the cheapest rate available across the entire market under your circumstances, whilst also considering other factors such as lenders appetite for certain deals and geographical areas, yours and your business’s credit history and deposit/equity funds available. There are many more factors to be considered, of which the list is not exhaustive. Your broker will always explain the reasoning behind the lender chosen and an indication of where the pricing sits across the market.

What kinds of documentation will I need to produce?

This will depend on each individual case, your mortgage broker will provide you with a shopping list of required documents at the outset and as the case progresses. It is often preferable for us, with your consent, to have direct dialogue with your professional advisors such as your accountant and/or solicitor. By liaising directly with your advisors we can take some of the leg work off your desk.

Can I apply for property development finance?

Anyone can apply for development finance, although lenders will always ask if there is a track record of work - and this market can be diluted according to your experience, and therefore the cost of money could rise.

What kind of interest rates are available on property development loans?

Interest rates can vary greatly dependent on so many varying factors but this is where we add value to so many clients - because our task is to find the perfect solution available for our customers.

Can I get a loan to buy land?

You certainly can! If you have seen some land you want to buy whether for development commercially or residentially - speak to one of our advisors today.

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