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It’s perfectly common for applicants to have had issues with credit in the past. Unfortunately, this information can stick with us and cause mortgage providers to view applications unfavourably. Because The Mortgage Mum scans pretty much the entire mortgage market, we are perfectly positioned to find the lender that will look most kindly on your circumstances and offer a fair deal that’s right for you.

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We will try to make a difficult situation as easy and stress free as possible. Simply apply online and we’ll be in touch to discuss the details of your mortgage options.

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bad credit mortgages
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gather your documents

Make sure you get all of your personal and financial paperwork together beforehand, including a copy of your credit report – it will be key for your mortgage application and our research.

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We will find you the most suitable mortgage for you, taking everything you’ve told us into account. We know what the lenders are happy with, and we will work to find you the best solution for you and your family.

consider the cost

It’s important that we help you to manage your money, to avoid bad credit happening again in the future. We will work with you to ensure your new mortgage is within your budget, and we will talk about strategies going forward.

The overall cost for comparison will be 8.7% APR.

hitting all the right notes…

Seeing a family settle into a new home with a mortgage that suits them and insurance that secures them. It’s what makes The Mortgage Mum team tick.

most common faqs

How do I work out my outgoings?

If you click the link here, you can download our Budget Planner which provides a handy guide to calculating your monthly outgoings.

Can I get a mortgage with poor credit?

Even if you're accepted, you may face higher interest rates and/or fees, as borrowers with poor credit ratings may not have as much choice as those with good credit scores. However, there are lenders who may consider those who might be rejected for mortgages elsewhere.

Can I get a mortgage with bad credit but big deposit?

A bad credit mortgage is similar to a standard mortgage, but they have higher interest rates and charges… The risk on their side is mitigated by the higher interest rate and larger deposit you pay. You will also probably need a deposit of at least around 15% or more of the value of the property. 4 Sep 2018

What is the minimum credit score for a mortgage?

Credit History and Score Requirements. For those interested in applying for an FHA loan, applicants are now required to have a minimum FICO score of 580 to qualify for the low down payment advantage, which is currently at around 3.5 percent.

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